Salary insurance (lønsikring)

If you become unemployed, it is nice that you can focus on finding the right job, rather than worrying about your finances. With an Ase Lønsikring+ you choose yourself how much you want paid out.

We offer salary insurance because, as an unemployment benefit recipient, you receive 19,083 kr. before tax (2020). This is a help, but often not enough to cover your regular outgoings each month. Ase salary insurance can give you up to 80% of your current salary if you become unemployed.

This allows you to get both unemployment benefits and the extra amount that you are insured for through the salary insurance. You can insure yourself from 2000 kr. a month to 50,000 kr. a month for a set number of months, which you yourself decide in advance. And the price starts from only 49 kr. a month.

Ase salary insurance
Ase salary insurance

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Get up to 80% of your salary if you become unemployed

If you earn less than DKK 26,354, you cannot order Lønsikring+ as you are covered by your unemployment benefits
Ases lønsikring has a max of DKK 86,322 in gross salary
min. 21.322
max. 40.866

Your payout consists of:iYour payment consists of unemployment benefit and your chosen salary insurance coverage. Both amounts are gross, of which you have to pay taxes. You can only buy Ase Lønsikring+ if you are a member of Ase a-kasse.

Unemployment benefits:
19.322 kr./mo.

Your price :




iChoose for how many months you want your insurance paid out - choose between 3, 6 or 12 months.

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You only have to enter your name and number. Then we will call you with a personal salary insurance offer.

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Here you get a brief overview of how Ase salary insurance covers you:

  • As an employee, you can receive payment from the insurance if you become involuntarily unemployed and receive unemployment benefits.
  • As a self-employed person, you can receive payment from the insurance if you become unemployed as a result of the closure of your company and you receive unemployment benefits.
  • You can get a premium waiver on other insurances your household may have with Købstædernes Forsikring while you receive payment from your salary insurance.

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